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KGI W05   RM 12.00  
Product Description :

Special Features :
French Nail Sticker in the new type of easy and convenient for everyone is available.

Is the rugged vitality materials are thin and attached to Apply top coat will last longer.

Anyone can attach a new type of easy French nail sticker!

More special design and produce my own style look with Nail Sticker

1. Clean and organize your nails, nail color, or apply the base coat.
2. Sticker attached to the desired location and carefully Torn is fixed helps.
(Fingernail size to fit the stickers can be cut and paste)

3. Stickers come off once or twice so that the top coat paint to feel even more brilliant, Keeps the state is best for a long time.
Caution :
1. If you have more than nails or skin, please stop using it.

2. Yu, kept out of the reach of children, please