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Foundation - True Beige (No. 23)
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Foundation - True Beige (No. 23)   RM 89.00  
Product Description :

45g/ 1.59oz
  #23 True Beige
Special Features
Moisturizing effect all day long.
Coenzyme Q10 will make your skin elastic even deep inside your akin.  
Convenient all in one type latex puff.
iloje Flobu foundation is puff type liquid foundation which is naturally covers skin age and blemish.  This light W/S type ( Water in Silicone ) foundation will keep skin matt and revise natural skin tone with first applied feeling.It\\\'s all day long moisturizing, lifting effect and excellent cover effect promise you bright skin without blemish.
Hyaluronic acid, which is called \\\'Moisture Magnet\\\', highly dermatotropic Coenzyme Q10 and rosehip oil will help enhance your skin moist and elastic,
relieve wrinkle and blemish visually, make shine and vital skin.
Using latex puff will help your skin cover effect long time, it\\\'s resistance to heat/water and keep it clean.
1. Press the middle of container and squeeze foundation out.
2. Touch smoothly onto face from cheek, forehead to chin.3. Pat on the face from inside to outside with puff.
1. Avoid use at open wounds, eczema, or sensitive and irritable areas.
2. Discontinue use and seek medical adviceas.
1) in case of the symptoms such as red spots, swollen, itching, abnormal responses, etc.2) when the same symptoms are observed by the exposure to sunlight
* Storage
1) Keep containers tightly closed.
2) Keep out of reach of infants and children
3) Avoid storage at warm/cool and sunlighted places