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Clean Pad Set
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Clean Pad Set   RM 18.00  
Product Description :

Components :
Clean pad Sponge 7ea, Tweezers, Clean Pad and Image plate holder
Special Features
1) Clean Pad Sponge :
Clean Pad & Holder Kit is created to solve customers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' inconvenient to use remover and the cotton separately everytime. Apply moderate amount of polish remover, and simply wipe out the scraper, stamp and image plate to clean. It also can be used for gradation nail art.
2) Tweezers :
Pick up the Clean Pad Sponge with tweezer, and wip out the image plate to clean.
3) Clean Pad and Image plate holder :
It holds the image plate stably for easy work.
It helps to fix image plate not to move.
It is specially designed for better and easy use for Konad stamping nail art.
It will make your art work more comfortable, neat circumstance, and also minimize complexity.

① Apply moderate amount ( 10~ 15 drops )of remover on sponge. ( Recommend to use Konad Clean Pad Remover )
It is very important to apply moderate amount (10~15 drops ) for the best effect.
( Too much remover may inflate sponge and causes inconvenient to use. )
②Scraper- wipe used scraper gently on the sponge.
③ Turn the sponge over to reuse.
1. Be aware that may cause cuts or other physical damage by using image plate and scraper incorrectly.
2. Over pressured usage may cuase damage on the sponge.