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French Set
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French Set   RM 99.00  
Product Description :

Components :
French already fingerboard 3 (m19, m44, m62), stamped blade 1 + 1,
10ml Special Nail Polish (White 1, Black Pearl 1),
Corrector: 1
(* Corrector: penseulhyeong Remover. French, and then embedded in the skin around the nail manicures can easily be used to delete.)
Special Features :
- This configuration can easily be French.
French style is more diverse personality of your hand and is nicely expressed will help.
1. Fingernail polish on the general background color is put into.
2. Image edition on your favorite picture puts Konad only Polish.
3. Immediately, quickly push the blade coated with polishing.
4. Immediately after stamping it shoots fast.
5. Fingernail immediately set the direction and location of the image, the shoots lightly.
6. After taking patterns) were torn nail polishes around the clearing to give the Corrector.
7. Long before the side for the top coat finish Vala is divided only once.
Caution :
1. When the bar quickly once you apply the top coat. Tapkoteuga be painted in a less dry, the image was spread units Wed.
2. Konad only Polish please use only the taking